Kid Stuff

About two weeks ago I went to Mangga 2Square with bf, his best buddy, Davy and some other friends. That day Davy who was coming back from Oz just for about 2 weeks treated us lunch. We was about to eat at Gang Gang Sulai but the restaurant was closed so we went to Hanamasa.

Before having lunch we saw there was a book sale there, 10% discount for all of the books displayed there. I was so happy to find my childhood reading: Pippi si Kaus Kaki Panjang (Pippi Longstocking). Me & my oldest sis love to read since we were kids. My parents couldn’t afford us to collect too many books so we always borrow book from our Aunt who had complete collection of book. I remember the first comic we borrow & read from her: Candy Candy. Pippi was one of the book we used to borrow from her. Besided Pippi we also read many books authored by Astrid Lindgren & Enid Blyton.

My sister’s fav was detective series like “Lima Sekawan” (the Famous Five series), while my fav ware like “si Badung (the naughtiest girl series), “Hari-hari Bahagia di Bullerbyn” (Happy Times in Noisy Village) and Pippi si Kaus Kaki Panjang (Pippi Longstocking). And some comic books like Candy Candy, Miss Modern and many more. We really loved those book, unfortunately we couldn’t buy, moreover to collect because we understood how it was hard enough for our parents to afford their 4 kids.

Those childhoods reading really brought big influence to me. From those books I realized there were other part of the worlds. I had this dream to visit Sweden & UK since I read those books, imagining how it felt to be the kids mentioned on those stories. I promised myself one day when I have my own home I will fill my home with those childhood reading. So I must start to collect them one by one from now on :p I bought all series of Pippi si Kaus Kaki Panjang I found there, it feels like recapturing my childhood, the fact that now I’m able to buy the book on my own make the feeling is just priceless 🙂

Because I had no enough cash at that time and credit card was unacceptable then Davy who was also buying some book, offered me to pay it first for me. Few days after that Davy sent me instant message through YM to say he’s holiday was done and it’s time to go back to oz. So til now I still owe him IDR 49,500, and a book I borrowed from him :p When I met him on YM few days ago Davy said I could keep it until we meet again, he said perhaps 2 years ahead :))

thank you Davy!


2 thoughts on “Kid Stuff

  1. waaa.. I love Pipi Longstocking so much too.. my favorite part is when Pipi and her 2 neighbours *can’t remember their names* found a hole inside a tree. And they played hide and seek and Pipi put some treasures in the hole to be found by her friends as a gift.

    I was imagining how big the hole and the tree. And the pleasure of having secret place to play in.

    Onced I remember that Gramedia sold all series of Pipi Longstocking, I bought around 3-4 books, but now I can’t remember whom I lent them to.

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