Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

This morning Mom called me to asked whether I will have gala dinner or not here because today is Moon Festival. I always miss the atmosphere of home, especially on the special day when a family should get-together. In my family we will be sending a box of moon cake to our relatives & friends. The box often be red. I don’t really like  moon cake, but this is a tradition & I really love the dinner on this day :p however, it’s sad to say there’s no special dinner because my uncle is a cina luntur doesn’t celebrate this kind of thing. Before I worked here I never knew Korean people also celebrate this event. They call this as “Chu Sok” or my boss said as: Korean Thanksgiving.

Btw, yesterday I went for a job interview again, thing I hate the most but I must do if I want to get a new job (thanks to cie Yen for the information & advice). The result I have to consider many things and seems like I have to keep on trying to find another. Jia You 🙂


3 thoughts on “Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

  1. happy moon cake festival..
    So will I be getting box of moon cake?
    I like the durian and beans flavour. (kacang item/tausa bhs inggrisnya apa ya? xixixix)
    And for sure, it is easily gaining weight after this festive season. 😀

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