Tas Kuwh :)

Can’t believe I’m posting something today as I’m so lazy for nothing recently :p I was tagged such a long time ago. To Willy :please forgive me for being sooo late in doing this :p So here’s what I got inside of my bag:


  1. a Purse
  2. a small pocket containing: flash disk, band-aid, mini nail clipper, mini mirror, lip balm & a pink liquid lipstick. The reason why I put those stuff because they sometimes needed when I don’t expect it.
  3. a double sides ‘piggy’ pocket containing gsm &cdma hand phones.
  4. an ipod nano and its cable, the only one of my best & useful gadget I own :p. It was a gift from bf on my 23rd bday last year. Not only so useful as time killer every time I have to trip tgr-jkt by shuttle bus, recently I’m also using it to give my student a “listening” subject.
  5. Paseo tissue, a thing I can’t live without
  6. balsem (in case masup angin, digigit nyamuk, semut dll :p)
  7. a mini pen
  8. a charger for my gsm mobile phone

That’s all I got, my homework’s done! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Tas Kuwh :)

  1. wow.. nice compact items you have cia..
    band aid and mini nail clipper are the ones amazed me. hehe

    And ipod, it’s nice.. thinking to have one.. I lost my mp3 player.. hiks..

    thanks for posting ya.. 😉

  2. @sakuralady: ur welcomed Wil 🙂

    @acen147: ketauan ngutang keteg :))

    @anung: tau ajah niy si anung, tissue bebek mania juga ya?

    @satelite: cie Lita emang pinterrr 🙂

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