Blast Weekend

Monday, here we go again 🙂 My weekend was fun. I went to bf’s church for the 1st time. It was pretty fun, thanks God I didn’t fall to sleep there :p After the church we were treated by bf’s brother to eat @ayam presto-pluit…yummy!

We delayed our plan to watch Ghost Rider in this weekend because sister deny is coming from Soerabayah! yipeee.

This was the first time for me to meet my beloved baby nieces: Pinpin & Maxi. They were so cute and I miss them already 🙂


11 thoughts on “Blast Weekend

  1. Haiyoowww.. dipost dongg photo baby nya…
    *skalian cc yg lom meridnya.. :”>*

    Makanya buruan dpt kerja deket gading sini.. ntar les mandarinn.. kemon.. da mo ambil neh anunggg 😀

  2. @anung:tungguin donc nung *tarik2 kerah anung*

    @sakuralady: kerjanya masi di daerah industri tangerang cie 🙂 jadi ke jkt kalo ga kerja ajah, gito 🙂 thanks yah cie

  3. 3 bulan … masi lucu..
    3 taon… duh, berisik…
    13 taon.. amit2..
    23 taon.. jadi kaya acia………. huffff…… * dunno what to say *

  4. @yz: betapa beruntungnya para orang tua di dunia ini kalo di usia ke 23 anak2nya kek gw huahaha..

    @anungnymous: very interested but dunno when I can attend that class :_(

  5. @yz’s comment: LOL! udah 23 amit amit yah? hua hahaha

    I’m glad you have a great time! cia you yah…but hunting ker nya! sama2 cia you dah!!! =)
    It’s never too late to go back to school whenever you are ready =)

  6. @Nattever: iya cie, ker di tangerang, tinggal di citra raya, dulu kulnya cuma ampe d3, dan bukan anak binus… lengkap dech biodata ekey 🙂

    @Marvita: yup, let’s jia you! 🙂 thank u marv… I really hope I can get back to school, wish me luck 😀

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