I need to make more money & do something useful rather than just staying at a home which is not mine and doing nothing. I’m getting sick of preoccupying those minor daily annoyances at that home, So I better occupy myself by doing something useful, especially for my finance hoho… so I’m goin to tutor a middle school student privately, will be started by this afternoon.

This boy is my friend’s ex-student, my friend is expecting so she decided to give up her student to me& her bro-in-law. I’ll teach every subject except math and her bro-in-law will teach math. Why divide this job to 2 people? because I’m afraid this kid will be lost if I teach him mathematics, It’s better to give it up to the expert and I don’t wanna deal with this terror :p

I hope thing goes well and I can even teach more kids in order to kejar setoran :p


15 thoughts on “Side-Job

  1. @anung: haha…blom lah anung…ini kejar setoran buat menimbun harta duniawi :p
    @anung & yz: terlalu silow yah hejo nya? but I like it, hikz…

  2. @anung: iya neh nung, gmn cara set waktunya biar bener?dah di ceklak ceklik kga bener2, trus komennya kog kga rapi yah, ih sebel…

  3. woahh……congratz!! tutoring kids ain’t easy, but I know you can do it! i envy you! I can never tutor anyone LOL! I’m way to impatient! the kids might get hurt LOL!

  4. @marv: LoL, it shouldn’t be that bad, I believe u can do it well too if you want πŸ˜€ thank u marv, I’m doing my best to handle this kid (demi uang) huaha… wish me luck!

  5. wah cia keyenn..
    Anak2 pan loetjoe, it’ll be nice to teach kids. (terkecuali yang ga demen anak kecil)
    lebih ga stres, dan pasti bakal banyak hal lugu yang unpredictable ngelitik kita.

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