Changi Xmas Tree

So here the side story from my business visit to Spore yesterday.

I  brought my uncle’s digicam, but didn’t take any pic but few pics of spore showroom as requested by my boss. I couldn’t take any pic coz IT”S NOT a tour and nobody’s talking about taking pic there :p So when I was at airport I saw this huge purple xmas tree with angels surrounding it. I asked the design manager to help to snap one picture of me there. I seldom see huge xmas tree and always excited to see beautiful one (I wish one day to see the tree Angela ever showed me in NYC) So he snapped 3 times. I was excited. I don’t care about spore, I just want that xmas tree.

On the airplane I checked the camera and found nothing but images of the showroom I took. I guess that manager didn’t push the button correctly T.T hikz… kasian deh low..


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