About me:

Exhausted for yesterday’s business trip
I’m extremely sleepy & tired but gotta work T.T I look like a mess to office. Anyway, Singapore is a nice city country, I like it as I already thought I would.  One day I’ll be back to enjoy this city country again 🙂

Going nuts for buyer’s complaint
I like Singapore but I couldn’t enjoy it at all because our clients took me for sight seeing while talking about problems occur on our business, wakz!

I was picked up and taken around the city by using a very cool BMW (I felt like a lao ban niang there LoL) I met important clients like the executive steward of R*tz C*rlton & purchasing manager of S*ntosa Isl*nd. The city was nice, the car was nice, the food was nice, but the discussion was O_o

Get my legs “nyut2an”
I decided to use high-heels to meet the CEO & other important people. I did look ok, but I tortured my feet. I felt like wanna cry when our clients so excited to take me walked around the city. I love walking but I hate high heels, I hate high heels with my heart and soul T.T

Got tons of working stuff to do
That’s why I have to end up this post before my boss regrets his decision to trust me to visit spore LoL