Mi 1st Trip:SG

Dear Wince,

A very big welcome to Singapore.
We are pleased to inform that Leonard will be pick you and Mr.Ch*i up from our Changi International Airport.
Look forward to meeting you both.

Best regards,

For a country girl who will do her first trip, I’m quite excited. But for an employee who is trusted to represent her company for the first time I get my cold feet. Anyway, who knows this trip is my very 1st step to take to move out? well, hopefully! :p *doctor calls this statement as: hyperbole symptomp of a country girl*

I just hope thing will go well tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess not everybody knows how does it feel to make dream come true step by step. Will be a huge different when you have everything you desire in this life easily. Sometimes I’m so grateful to be this way, that I have to work hard on everything I want, so I treasure the result more. Who knows what will happen if only I can get whatever I want easily, perhaps I’d act like paris hilton kinda girl =p

Btw wedding party of BF’s bro is getting closer (on this sunday) I haven’t prepared for anything including what to wear and use on that big day O_o With my financial condition at present, buying a new skirt, new pair of shoes and bag is quite hard to do. I estimate I must go through this condition until this end of year for I have a plan to visit my 2nd sis who has just giving birth for her 2nd baby, it’s a baby boy, I’m an aunt of 2 cute babies now! I really would like to see these 2 lil creatures ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Mi 1st Trip:SG

  1. i know i won’t appreciate things that I have if they were just thrown at me. If I work for them, I know the feeling of satisfaction and being grateful.wow…2 already? my brother need to catch up soon hahaha!have a safe trip

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