Monkey Business

This morning at my boss’ office…

Boss: Do you have any plan on next tues, Nov 21?
Me: Nope, what’s goin on on that day?
Boss: I want you to go to Singapore
Me: What for?
Boss: It’s time for you to know more about our showroom & market there. Just for a day. You’ll go in the morning and will be back in the evening. Please check what stuff needed for this visit. You’ll be go there with that new manager. He wants to extent her visa there.
Me: Okay

It crossed my head that they get me there to accompany that new manager (who can’t speak neither English or Bahasa) or maybe they know I’m getting bored of what I’m doing here???
Well, no matter what is the reason, this gonna be my very first trip abroad for I never been anywhere abroad before…

Ciappucino uses to be country girl 🙂 She thought she’d be going no where until she has a bunch of money, thing she never has until today but she wishes she had 🙂


2 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. just in case my other message didn’t go through, i just want to say… your chance finally come! i’m excited for you!hope you like s’pore!! =) I like it!

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