Game of life

Seeing a co-worker playing a kiddy game on her pc, I remember how me, my sisters & brother always got excited to play nintendo together. We often quarreled for deciding whose turn was next. It was a happy time. No worry in this life. No responsibility,  Life was so simple & free 🙂 I  thought growing up wouldn’t happen to us  until oneday my oldest sis left Indonesia and studied abroad. And then, my 2nd sis left too. Home felt empty since then. I felt weird the night I first slept alone in the room we used to share for 3.

That was the time I realized growing up is for everybody lives, you can’t avoid to deal with it. Even our nintendo must give up to Pl*ystation.

I wanna be a brave girl, dare to do what I want in this life. for example: Marv dare to leave her childhood dream and moved to USA, now she dare to leave USA and start a new chapter again somewhere else.

(Well, I dunno what’s the main point of this post for I’m confusing myself :p) Maybe I wanna be a fearless person to face challenges & changes in life. Thanks God I find many inspiring people like you all there 🙂


2 thoughts on “Game of life

  1. someone told me that being human is about 3 things: Hope, Pride, and Bravery.Hoping to achieve something greater, having the pride to bring you there in such good ways and processes, and the bravery to chase it.everyone born with this 3 things. it still up to us to choose our life, just dont stop believing 🙂

  2. i know what you mean! sometimes i wish i never grew up, always a little kiddo, but when i was a little kiddo, i wished i was older so i didn’t have to ask for permission to do things! i guess being humans, we never satisfy LOL!hey, thanks! I’m not really that brave..just young and restless at a time hahahha!support is definitely one of the most important thing!

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