lucky number: 23

22 was when…

  • I just graduated from PR class, was worried about getting my dream job for living
  • I got my first job, tasting how the atmosphere of working at a korean company.
  • I learned to afford myself completely without financial support anymore. I also learned to treasure money much more than before and started to hate shopaholic… (Yes, I envy you all because you guys can buy whatever you want, I curse you all LoL)
  • It was the forth year of being single, I thought I wasn’t interested at this stuff at all.
  • I welcome my very first niece, Sherafin, a blessing in disguise in our family.
  • I thought about for going abroad for better life, every day without fail.
  • I found out bosses at work do appreciate me & what I’ve been doing so far, I figured out that I wasn’t that bad, there’s something I’m pretty good at in this life =p
  • In the forth year of being a happy single, I met someone 🙂
  • I was an unreligious girl who finally accept the existence of God and decided to learn to become His daughter.
  • I was trusted by my company to advance my career to buyer’s company but inevitably must miss the chance (I never regret that at all) =)

Today, I am a girl who has been granted to live 1 more year =)

Now, still a girl who tries to live to the fullest, be grateful for each days granted and trying to be a better person (a better daughter, sister, gf and friend) for all people I love. Amen =)