The One with Director

I think I’ve got back my spirit again after those 2 weeks of feeling lack of enthusiasm of working.

Yesterday suprisingly my boss told me to come to his office and he said I should not feel dissapointed of missing a job at our buyer’s company. He said he is surely know how good I’ve been doing so far, not only him, but also our CEO.Ā  He said: ” we all know how hard-working & smart you are, you must know that I hope one day you’ll seat in this position *pointing at his chair*, nothing is impossible you know as long as you are eager to do the best in your life, opportunities come from many sides
Wow, those are very encouraging words to say, but salary advance will be greatly appreciated šŸ˜€ That was the very first time my boss compliments me directly. I never thought I’m that good for him. I’m grateful he thinks that way. Now I’m more encouraged to do my best, at least until the time I gotta leave for better job šŸ™‚

Btw, Seems like I gotta have a great days for I’m gonna accompany my bf to his friend’s wedding party. I never feel comfortable being in a wedding party actually, it doesn’t mean I hate a wedding party, but I never been to a enjoyable wedding. Bigger wedding party more I feel uncomfortable, weird isn’t it? However the thing to enjoy is to spend my sat night with my bf, precious time that rarely I could have šŸ™‚


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