Mi Mom & Mi Dream

Tonight I’m gonna tell my mom that I didn’t get the job, well I’ve kept it for I’m afraid to make her feel dissapointed, although I know for sure she’ll definitely say nice thing like: ” it’s okay,honey…life’s unpredictable, you just keep on doing ur good job, I believe u deserve such a great opportunity next time”

I remember last year I had just graduated from PR class. Got a job offer from my college for a foreign company in the city, I went for the interview and found out that company was giving a nice salary. The problem was they were seeking for a receptionist& car call.That’s all. I said “NO, it’s not you!” but my sister said: “take it at least for a month, you need a job, you know how hard to get a job nowadays?”

I cursed myself for going to the interview, I hate that job, I didn’t want to be a receptionist, moreover a car call??? , Ok, I was 21 and believed to rule the world, LOL :p

Mom called and said: “it’s up to you, follow your heart” I said:”I don’t want this job, but sis was right, it comes to me, I should give a try, they also pay a good salary, moreover I’m tired of living with uncle, let me move out

So there I went, I moved out and the first day of orientation at that office I felt like my heart was broken. I went back to my room and called my sis & mom. I told them it was a big mistake to take that job, I didn’t wanna be a receptionist or moreover a carcall 😦  I shouldn’t waste my time to be a receptionist in this city, I didn’t care how much they pay me, but I wasn’t leaving my hometown to be a carcall/receptionist.

My sis said I shouldn’t think that way, My mom was the only person to support me not to take that job despite they were offering good salary. I said I was so worry to refuse a job when job was hard to find, so I told her I better give up and come back to my hometown. Mom convinced me: “life’s unpredictable, no one able to make sure which thing is possible or impossible, it’s out of our control. Just keep your faith. coming back to your hometown, don’t you think you’ve walked half away until today?”

So I refuse the job and I really believe things will be fine based on Mom’s words. I wonder what would happen today if only I decided to give up & come back to my hometown. I shouldn’t be here & what I am today. I’m glad mom is so understanding& supportive mother. The day I told her I wanted to give up & come back home like a chicken,  she said I shouldn’t, despite the fact that if I were home she wouldn’t be so lonely anymore. I wish to be a great daughter for her. I don’t care what kind of person I am for other people, but I better hurt myself rather than to make my mom’s heart broken. I hope one day I could make her proud of me. Everytime I tell her this, she’ll say: “you already do” that’s why I love her so 🙂


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