Waken Up Mi

This morning I’ve felt better than yesterday. Yesterday was a lousy day. I went to office and decided to go back home at the lunch break. My boss let me go as he got that I was sick for being too busy these few days. At home I ate and then slept for all day long.

Woken up alone in the room, I spent my day by thinking. I felt terrible yesterday, felt so alone and didn’t know what to do. It’s all about my life, my job and etc. Be honest, I’m lil bit confused of what should I do and what I really want recently. Negative thinking was crossing my head when I was sick. Was that because of being sick or because of PMSing *blaming on the hormones? I’m not quite sure 😦

I’m still waiting for confirmation from the company. But this morning I saw many job applications on my boss’desk. HRD staff said seems like someone will be picked to replace my current position, in case I’ll be hired by new company…wow, they are so sure bout that.

Well, instead of thinking and being stressed of what should I do or What I wanna do and kinda thing, I guess I better live my days happily. There should be a way for all of us. Just follow the path and live the best we can do, right? So this morning I tell my self to just move on. Marv’s right. Many people love me, though I live far away from them, I must be grateful that I’m not really alone in this world, there are people care for me. So, it’s time to wake up!


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