Bout the Job (again)

I had sore throat that has turned out to hacking cough, so unpleasant as I lost my voice and now my voice turns to granny mode T.T I also couldn’t sleep properly because of this fweeh…

Well, I’ve missed few days to write something. Such as: Seems like I got the job. People around me convince me that I am the one chosed but me myself not quite sure. Mr.Park called me last friday to ask whether I’m ready at anytime if  he asks me to go to Vietnam for a job training. I said I willing to do that. Are you kidding me? I’d love to!

Be honest, I’m lil bit worried, but as I know no pain no gain. Of course there will be no tickets for free to Vietnam or anywhere else without hard working 🙂 However this morning I got confirmation again from Mr.Park that I have to wait for few days ahead since he’s also waiting for Head Office’s confirmation. I ask for lil bit higer (kindly note:lil bit) salary from offered to me, I hope if they approve to hire me, they’ll also approve the amount I’ve asked for , Yes I need the money for sure :p

I wanna go home earlier today, to take a rest and get well soon. cya!


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