The interview went well this morning. Even my boss looked curious. He said today I looked good (because today I did make up and wore better clothes haha..) I got into the room and everything just went well. Mr.Park even spoke some mandarin, cool. I only can  answered him two short sentences in mandarin :p

So the result can only given in next week, because the boss in USA is being off from office until next week. I didn’t saw other candidates but people around here said they looked good and matured people. People at my factory didn’t know that I’m one of the candidate because my bosses told me to keep this as secret.

This afternoon I got request from Mr.Park to send my resume to his e-mail. I don’t know what that means for. good sign or means nothing. Well, Whatever it is, I’ve done my best today and I feel so glad I’ve gone through today well. Thank you once again for all of your supports 🙂


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