I try not to pay too much attention that tomorrow I’ll have a job interview in this company, but this afternoon my boss called me to his room, I sat and he was talking about tomorrow’s interview, that the reason why he’s letting me go is for two points:

first: an advantage for our company, if our buyer’s inspector is coming from our factory’s staff it means a big advantage for our company, because they know who I am and know exactly how I’ve been doing so far

second: an advantage for myself, it’s a good chance for me to improve myself. not only better salary, but also better stepping stone for building up my carreer.

My boss said that I also don’t have to be worried, because if this buyer’s company don’t need me anymore, he’ll be ready to welcome me again. I even can choose any division I want to. After hearing his confirmation I said thank you to him, and then went to toilet, I closed the door and for the very first time I felt the fear. I didn’t know why I suddenly feel insecure. Not that fear of fail to get that job, but fear of leaving this job I’ve been doing quite good for almost 10 months and fear of accepting new complicated job and new boss that I’m not sure will be this good or not.

But then I realize I’ll be fine. If I get it means I can do it this good. If I don’t get it means it’s not my turn yet. So I cheered up myself and did thing as if nothing happened.

I got my boss’point. His saying ensures me to take this easy. No worry. I’ll do my best tomorrow, but I won’t push myself too hard. I’ll be fine no matter what’s the result. I might get the job and face a huge responsibility after that, or I might not get the job, then I can stay here with this nice boss and I do believe another better chance will come. So, nothing to loose, right?

I also get many courages from people around me. Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate that so much. I’ll let you know by tomorrow. wish me luck! 🙂