I’m busy these few days, that’s why I didn’t update this blog for many days, fweeh..finally got a time to write a short news, good news! 🙂

This morning, while being busy to take care shipment for my buyers, Export Manager called me to talk to him. I was quite surprised that he asked me whether I’m interested to join an interview next Tuesday for becoming one of biggest buyer’s staff. If I manage to get this position means I get bigger salary, I’m no longer part of this company, but I’m staff of this buyer and of course I’ll be responsible to new boss. So, It’s kinda new company & new job but at same place of working.

But I must note that other candidates are very qualified people, so my chance here must be very small. I’m happy but don’t wanna expect too much, so I don’t have to burst my own bubble later. Well, being trusted by my bosses & the CEO is an honor for me, it means from 1200 employees they choose me, a small potato to compete with more experienced candidates out there.

This afternoon I talked to my manager for his permission, he said yes I may try it. I felt a lil bit guilty if I have to leave him as I know present he got some problems in this division and he has been nice so far. Well, I believe thing will go fine. Hired by this company or that company, for me both are nice options. I even already planned to seek another job outside after my contract done. Well, let Him lead the way for me, whatever the result after I’ve done my best must be the best for me, gambatte! 🙂


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