I’m so happy that tomorrow I’ll be off from office and going to have fun… well, after all these few days I’ve gone through I guess I deserve it :p

I accompanied Spore buyer’s GA and we had meeting all day long just for discussing some matters. And I finally met our owner, I shook hand with him and seemed like my director & the CEO of Spore were saying something about me to him, I mean a little bit nice introduction to the big boss, it’s like a “wow” to me. A small potato like me could meet the most important person in this company, which only come to this company once or twice a year, you may think:”what’s the big deal with it?” for me it’s the same to compare with meeting Orlando Bloom in a shopping center, seriously! šŸ™‚

Anyway, I was the only female to attend the meeting. I felt pretty proud of myself :pĀ  I guess I have a pretty balanced life. At office I’m pretty tough, impossible is nothing when I work. At home I’m siao ca-bo, spending my time for teasing children (my lil cousins). Toward my brother & sister& bf I’m me, sometimes I do like a girl to be protected :p I don’t mix everything, for examples: I won’t be childish in my office or being tough at home, I can be myself depend on the place & situation. So, I guess I’ve been doin good for the role in every aspect of mylife… *enough! :p
the conclusion is: I love my life, so I love myself = I’m a narciss.. :p Btw feels like I can’t get the Singlish out of my head T.T Have a great weekend everyone! šŸ™‚


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