Friday I'm in love

Being single for few years, especially during my transition from teen to adulthood, has changed the way I see a relationship is.  Sometimes society makes us think when you are a single, no matter how good your other aspects of life is, you’re incomplete & the only way to be truly happy is when you’re in love & you’ve found someone to share.

I even found it in my fav serials –> Friends: everybody ended up with somebody, even a Rachel finally got back with Ross.  Sex and the City: even a samantha got her mate. And I even can feel it in my daily life when some people around me asking: “I wonder why you are staying single” as if I’m incomplete without a boyfriend.  Well, I never had meaningful relationship, except a silly relationship when I was young and naive.  People may say I’ve wasted & lost my chance to have a relationship when it’s time to have fun, but I think the otherwise.  I may lost a moment of having boyfriend when it was the time for me to ‘have fun’. Well, it might be time for having fun, but I think I found out a much more important & meaningful thing after that: myself

When I’m single I found that I don’t need a boyfriend to be happy, it’s not the main factor to make our lives becoming “perfect”.  Life is imperfect, no body’s perfect. I realize that I should not have a boyfriend just to fill up the gaps or lessen the sense of loneliness in my life.  I can’t lean on someone to fill up my life. I should fill up my own gaps and perfectly happy with myself before I fall in love, then I can share this “perfect” life I’ve found with another special person.

Let’s say you have an empty cup, you can’t expecting someone else to fill it up for you. You fill it by yourself and when you find someone who has done the same thing to himself then you can share all the good & bad taste together. If you let someone to fill your empty cup then you are a cup with somebody else’s taste and it means you have nothing to share anymore.

I could say that at present, I’m quite satisfy of my life because I’ve surprised myself and turned out to be stronger than I ever thought myself would be. I don’t love for no reason anymore. Not that kinda love anymore, I’ve been filling up my cup and I prefer to find someone who does the same. I won’t fill someone’s empty cup and someone doesn’t have to fill my empty cup either. We’ll share each other’s bad & good sides. That’s what I’m looking for as I realize it takes two in a relationship.There’s always be somebody for someone. I think the price of it is based on how much you value yourself.

Life and love almost never go the way we expect it should be. But when I have faith I believe it always turn out to be better but in a way we never know. So all we have to do is accept& live it, enjoy it and move on. I just can help but move on now, so wanna share your cup with mine? 🙂


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