Sun to Wed

Today is wednesday, finally I have enough time to post. Let me tell you ’bout my weekend, it still stuck in my head as a nice thing to remember. I went for a date! I went to Mal Kelapa Gading by myself. I almost missed the shuttle bus as when I was ready to leave…suddenly my aunt, Linda gave a phone call from NYC. So I had no choice but to talk to her for 15 minutes, wasting my limited time. I was rushing to get clothes and as a bonus I didn’t have time anymore to put any make-up T.T I must be awful but thing went well. I had very good time indeed, I hope he did too. He’s so nice, I’m glad to spend my weekend with him ^^

And bout today, I feel like my body is broken to pieces. Tons of tasks to do in these few days. I’m exhausted T.T Came home later I still gotta hear people mumbling & complaining, especially babysitter of my uncle’s son. She drives me crazy. Swear to God if one day I have kids on my own I will never let them to be taken care by this kinda person. If only I lived with mom… She’d cheer me up, cook me dinner by request and ask me “how was work today?” geez, I miss my home *oh, no… I’m PMSing again???*


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