Blast weekend

Saturday (July 15, 2006)

After went back home, I was asked to accompany two Korean students that visting our factory recently: Song Young Hoon & Ahn Bong Geun. The journey was lead by our Lab Manager, Mr.Kim Nam Youl. They were all nice guys. Started from visiting University of Indonesia In Depok. Took almost 2 hours to reach there. After took a walk around and snapped some pics we went to eat Indonesian food at Sate Tomang. It was fun as Young Hoon seemed quite excited to taste Indonesian Cuisine. I remember how he tasted coconut and he said it tasted like Pocari Sweat 😀 After that we went to Kafe Tenda Semanggi, as I already guessed before, it was not that so fun anymore. We then went to CJ’s Bar. We hung around just for  a drink and then took me home. I found out Mr.Kim was quite fun guy which I never thought before. Nice to hang out with them.


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