The Beetle

I never love any vehicle/car the way I love VW Beetle. It looks nice, simple and easy. I was in love with “VW kodok” when I was in the middle school. It took hours for me to cross the street, so when it was time to cross the street I more often stood up like an idiot waiting for the road to be as empty as it could.
While waiting for the “lucky moment” to cross the street safely, a high school girl often passed me by by using this kinda classic car, her VW was purple, so cute! and so was the girl who drove the car. She looked cute also. Almost every day I saw this girl with her purple VW passing by.
I sometimes imagined one day I would just like her, driving my own cute car to school. Of course it never came true, I never have had any car until today, I can’t drive at all (what are you expecting from a girl who can’t even cross a street bravely? :p) and in fact that I took school bus to school. When I was in senior high school I still saw this car sometimes passing the road.

I wonder where are that girl & her cute car now, is she still driving this cute VW? šŸ™‚


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