I woke up and realize today is just Wednesday… geez… I just can hardly wait for weekend. Yesterday I felt bloomy, today lil bit gloomy. No doubt that I’m pms-ing *yeah, keep on blaming your hormones for your bad behaviours* I feel like wanna tell everybody to shut up instead of asking silly questions. Thanks God I’m blessed by having pretty good self & mouth control. So far I never burst into negative stuff in front of people, except burst into laughter & song (which my co-workers said as abnormal & indication that I haven’t taken my pils) that’s daily thing I just can’t live without. I dunno why I always laugh so easily, eventhough for things that not hilarious at all for others. Maybe I’m kinda freak I just dun notice well. But I remember that I’m not the only one to behave this way, Janne was another freak I know. We often laughed at silly things that not funny for others and only us knew why it seemed funny. Miss her for that 🙂

Btw this afternoon I joined a meeting with a web developer team. All are Korean and I’m the only one didn’t speak Korean. I just sat and sometimes they translated what they were talking about. I wish I could speak Korean (not only able to say some words like” annyonghaseyo”) :p The good news is we are going to do a project to develop our own “st.james” website. Seems like my boss wants me to handle this for him. I’m so excited to start this project (though lil bit get cold feet at the same time of ruining it :p) So I just tell myself: Jia You! ^^


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