last night I called my home for thousand times and no one picked up the phone. So I called my brother. He said everything was fine. My parents & my brother was going to my aunt’s funeral. My aunt, my father’sis passed away few days ago after got stroke. Be honest, our relationship with this aunt wasn’t so close. We only met once a year, in the chinese new year day, when all of my family gather to celebrate the new year. I’ve missed two times of Chinese new year celebration, so it means, I haven’t met this aunt for these last two years. However, I’m glad to know that she’s passing away in peace.
At night my Mom called me back. We talked bout many things. I’m so grateful recently. Everything feels too good to be true:

  • I got more responsibility recently, though I’m lil bit occupied, but I love to get more responsibility & being trusted.
  • My face turns to be better, though it still looks lil bit scary, but not so frightening anymore 🙂
  • Recently my sister said she wants to know more about God, she even asked me to help her to remember how to pray “our Father” & “Hail Mary” again. I’m so grateful she feels she need to pray. I’m not so religious person, and I never ask/persuade anybody to follow me coz, me myself must learn much more about Him. But if my sis wants to learn, I would be very delighted to let her know. I imagine if one day we can celebrate xmas together. I never go to church with my family, not even once. It doesn’t really matter to me, because they are the best for me, I love them sooo much, no matter what their belief is in this life. However, if one day I could, that’s wonderful ^^



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