CiaPPuccino & the king

Today is pretty important day for me. Yesterday before went back home, my manager & President director suddenly asked me to do presentation to welcome Brunei Royal family’s visit to our factory. It’s part of their formal visit to Indonesia.

I was surprised to get this task. It’s regular thing to do presentation in front of some buyers & society club. But this one is Royal Family. So I got cold feet since last night until this morning.

Thanks God everything’s done well. They have just left our company.

The prince & princess even asked me to take a photo together. My boss said “good job” and I’m so glad that I accept this challange.

The only silly thing I did today is to forget to use anything when i’ve realized I’m getting my period from today on. what a clumsy bi**h. Lucky I didn’t use white skirt.

Tq for guiding me through this day very well dear God.