Today Export Manager generously let me accompany buyer from Netherlands to our factory shop. He let me accompany these people though there is a staff who in charge for their bussiness.  It’s really an honor for me. Thank u Mr.S *sobbing*

Surprisingly they were young and succeed, only the late of 20 & 30 something. As I heard from Export Department their selling for these 2 years is keep on increasing. Amazing. My buyers are nothing to compare then, although they are selling the exact same brand name. I asked a little bit questions regarding their marketing strategy, fascinating. I wish I had a boss like this. My boss, he’s nice, but obviously Marketing is not his real major, sorry boss I’m being honest here :p

And the second surprise is today I got new buyer from Hong Kong, Taiwanese that run business in Hong Kong and China. I really regret for not being fluent in Mandarin. I’m so grateful to get these great experiences. Guess today is my day *big grin*


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