Autumn on My face

After 10 days of dermatologist treatment I got my skin peels like leaves falling down to earth in autumn (as if I ever seen it before ;p). My boss who seldom pay attention to our daily-look even surprised to see me this afternoon. I’ve tried my best to avoid my boss & other managers. But this afternoon, unfortunately, when my boss was gathering with his friends, he called me and….
Boss: “wait, what’s the matter with your face? *surprised expression*
Me : “It’s under dermatologist treatment , Sir, I have chemical peeling” *silly smile*
Boss : “but why? so far as I remembered your face was fine”
Boss’s Friends: “Maybe her boyfriend told her to do it”
Me: *smiling* “No, there were many pimples before”

Boss & friends: *speak korean*

Boss: “it must be expensive, isn’t it?”
Me: “he..he *silly face*

Yup, my dear Boss, this is expensive, hurt, and look awful. It hurts like a son of b%@#$, my face turns to red and looks burned.
Fweeh… needs patience and of course costs a lot. The result should look and feel good or someone will get hurted *evil laugh*
I really regret the days when my skin looked good and I took it for granted…yeah, you’d never know how much it meant until you loose it…

I never thought one day I have to get “autumn on my face” this is no romantic, but tragic T.T


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