Shall We Dance?

Thankz a bunch for my bluved boss, as last night he generously let us use our office’s car & driver to see Korean traditional dance. Despite how dare a a co-worker used my name to ask his permission. “Sir, Winz wants to see this show, may she?” *It would be shame on me if my boss said “NO”*
but fortunately he said “Yes, of course, tell the driver to take you there” * I could hug him for that huahaha…*
It was a sudden plan. My face is still under dermatologist treatment and does look very horrible.In addition that I was wearing bad clothes..but nothing could stop me from going to the show ^^! But I really really regret not to bring camera. I tried to capture a pic by using my cellphone (uh hu? nice try huahaha…)
The dance, dancers, costumes, and music were really awesome, fascinating. I dunno others think, but I did enjoy the show.
There were nine dances presented: Dapjimu (the Farmers’ Dance), Cheonnyeonhak (Dance of the Thousand Year Crane), Chugyeonmu (Banquet Dance), Janggeonmu (long Sword Dance), GanggangSullae (Circle Dance), Chunaengjeon (Court Dance), Choya (Wedding Night), Hwaseonmu (Fan Dance) and Jindo Buckchum (Drum Dance from Jindo Island).

All were amazing & elegant, especially the last dance performed was so energic. I was amazed mostly by the costume, thinking whether I could wear one for taken picture hohoho… :p
When the show was over, at the lobby I ran to my aunt’s best friend, Jun-Kou. We already took her as our own aunt. So she was lil bit surprised to meet me there. She’s indeed a fun fearless female. I guess her age must nearly 60 now, but she’s so alive. Despite the fact that she’s single until now , she obviously knows how to enjoy this life. She earns her own money, does many “fun” stuffs. she’s sophisticated and also an art-lover. That’s why no wonder I met her there last night.

This morning my boss asked me: “so, how was the show?”
Me: “excellent, beautiful!”

Though I still have this cough and flu, I feel much much better than yesterday. tq boss ^^


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