Simply me

Hi, I change my blog’s skin, coz I wanna brand new me. Simpler than before, well it doesn’t mean I’ve gone through a complicated part of mine but I just think I need to be simplified. Btw, I stop blaming my hormones for these cruel pimples and finally I gave em up to the expert to solve it. Very simple. I really hope it works or I’ll be goin nuts again. I felt screwed, I dunno why. When I came to office, takin “ojek”, passing the village. Sit and work on my desk. Dealing with these co-workers. I often think the only thing that keep my sanity is nothing but inet. I couldn’t imagine how’s my day at office without it. And then I asked myself, am I sure this r all good for me? have I done mybest so far? I didn’t think so. I felt this is so not me. As if I’v lived someone else’s life, I was completely preoccupied & annoyed with all small stuff, which made me forget about caring everything else around me. Yesterday I had fun with Bee, we went to TA and did our ritual: eat, shop and starbucks.

Right away before we got back home my hp rang and it’s Nikky, Bee’s bestie. She called just to say hi to us. She’s one of fun fearless woman I know from my sis. After those all goin on, I felt like all my stress and misery melt away. Though I have to spend more than what I planned for the doctor and shopping stuff. Last nite I made up my mind to be simplified, dun wanna sweat small stuff and wanna be more grateful in every minute of this life…and here I go, still tryin. Today, Monday comes again. juz keep the faith 🙂 cheers,


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