This week is working week, I do work like usual , however, this week no fooling-around-like-crazy at office.  Started with a meeting on monday with the director ( I really wish I did nothing wrong there) and then my manager suddenly asked me to examine two advertisement proposal. One thing leads to another I guess. For a company’s speck like me, these are good coz I take it as answer for my prays. For many days I prayed that I wanted to be loaded more stuff and responsibility.

Dad came last saturday and was back on last Tuesday. He said it’s good to be working-oriented but it’s not good to neglect my health. I think he’s right as I got eyes sore for irritation and now my back is hurted, they all because of this weird desk. it makes me sit improperly. Only a fool sit and face monitor this way, and it’s me T__T


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