Forgetful Lucy

Forgetful Lucy

Adam Sandler

The Hukilau was the place Where I first saw your face
We liked each other right away
But you didn’t remember me the very next day
Forgetful Lucy…
Has got a nice caboosey

I used to trick you into pulling your car over so we could chat
But my favorite time was when you beat the shit out of Ula with a bat

Then we drove up to see Dr. Keats
And found out why Doug always has to change his sheets
Forgetful Lucy…
Cracked her head like Gary Busey

But I still love her so
And I’ll never let her go
Even if while I’m singing this song
She’s wishing I had Jocko the walrus’ schlong
Forgetful Lucy…
Her lips are so damn juicy

How about another first kiss…

I like this song, ost from “50 First Dates” I like the scene when Hendry (Adam Sandler) sang this song for Lucy (Drew Barrymore) . Sometimes I wish to be Lucy, to suffer short-term memory loss so I don’t have to keep some bitter memories in my head. But I guess some bitter memories should be nothing to compare with many nice memories I have, so I prefer to be myself that I can keep more precious memories in my head and my heart at the same time 🙂

However, What I envy Lucy the most is she is forgetful but still Henry never let her go and always try to win her heart back again and again each day. Yeah, I know…it’s only in movie… in the reality they could leave you although you keep the memories, but still I wish to find one like that 🙂

PS: This movie and The Wedding Singer will always be the most romantic movies for me 🙂

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